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CPU Processor Explained

A CPU, commonly known as the brains of a computer, is exactly that. A rectangular chip, the CPU is fabricated or printed with billions of transistors on a semiconductor material that’s also called an Integrated Circuit (IC)

Choosing the best CPU for your needs is extremely important as it decides the core performance of your device. Higher clock speeds and core counts can make a major difference in performance, the better the cores and threads a processor has generally is faster. It provides faster completion of heavy or intensive tasks like video editing or coding, allows smoother gameplay, and provides an overall snappier system which is a must for the current work environment.

Up until 2017, Intel was clearly the choice of many. But with the introduction of Ryzen/ Thread Ripper series chips, AMD has moved steadily toward performance parity with Intel.
AMD has diversified their offerings and dare we say even surpassed some of Intel’s offerings. 
That being said, if you’re not tied to a brand, look with an open mind and you’ll find the perfect processor match for your next laptop.