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Laptop ports 101: A rundown (Part 1)

Today’s computers are laden with different kinds of ports and sometimes it can get overwhelming, what’s what?! Let’s look at some of the most common ports you will come across and how they can help you.

3.5mm Audio Jack

Also known as the headphone jack, this port is found in almost every laptop for headphones and other audio devices.


This port allows you to directly connect to your internet connection and is a great bonus to have when dealing with those pesky wifi connections. 


A popular port to connect to our televisions and other external monitors, High-Definition-Multimedia-Interface allows you to output up to 4k resolution and if your external device has speakers, it will send audio along with the video to it. 

microSD card reader

This port helps read tiny microSD storage cards, usually used in mobile devices. 

SD Card Reader

This port helps read memory cards from digital cameras. 

USB Type-A

The most commonly found port on laptop and desktops, this port helps you connect a variety of devices. It is commonly referred to as a USB port and is simple and rectangular in shape.

USB Type-B

Not commonly found on laptops, this square port is usually used in printers, hubs, and docking stations and usually comes with connectors.