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Travel essentials for your laptop: Don’t leave home without them

Your laptop is something you just can’t leave home without. It is a source of entertainment during long flights and also helps us get some of our work done while we are on the go. Here are some must-have travel accessories for geeky travellers who love their laptops.

Travel adaptors

We don’t normally think too much about our chargers, specifically the shape of the plug. This is a big mistake that travellers, especially those who travel abroad, make. Most countries have their own type of socket, and the travel adaptor can accommodate a range of sockets from a variety of countries. These adaptors are not very bulky and can easily fit inside most laptop bags. The last thing you want is to travel abroad and find out that you cannot charge your laptop because the shape of the socket is different. You could also buy one with an inbuilt surge protector, which will protect your expensive laptop from getting damaged by power surges.

Spare battery

You may not be guaranteed a charging point during your travels, and while you can do everything you can to eke out the most from your battery, you are only delaying the inevitable. A spare battery is a great backup plan to have in case your laptop runs out of power during long trips. These batteries are not very big are nor are they too expensive. Each manufacturer has its own spare battery, so make sure that you buy one that matches your laptop.

Portable drive with all your essential software and documents

Most of us are used to just having a constant connection to the internet. As such, some of us are used to using browser-based software or applications like Google Docs or Pixlr. However, when you travel to a place with very little connectivity, things could get dicey. That’s why it is a good idea to carry a portable hard drive with all essential software such as a word processor, PDF reader, and maybe even a photo editor. Make sure it has at least 1T space for all the necessary software.

You could also carry a backup of your OS in case you need to reformat your hard drive. Further, you should also carry soft copies of important documents such as identification, passport, tickets, and photographs in case you lose physical your documents and need to make copies.


Travelling can be pretty hectic. With a pair of a good sets, you can drown out the world around you and enjoy listening to music or watching your favourite shows. The Lenovo Headset P950N is a great pair with a noise-resistance microphone that ensures a clear voice. With its subwoofer design, it offers amazing sound effects. However, make sure that you don’t miss the boarding call!

Laptop bag organiser

Of course, you won’t just be carrying a laptop in your bag. There will be a charging cable, USB cables and chargers for your smartphone, a power bank amongst other items. Instead of just dumping the lot into your bag, an organiser can help you keep things neat and tidy. So, you can wave goodbye to those moments where you are frantically searching your bag for the charging cable and your laptop battery at 10%. Something like the Grid-It Organizer can really help you keep things in check.


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