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A Quick Screen Size Guide

Specs, storage and processor play a vital role in a laptop. But so does the screen size of the laptop. When it comes to screen size you need to see how portable you need your device to be. Laptops are generally classified by their screen sizes

11 to 12 inches

Recommended for on-the-go productivity, these are some of the thinnest and lightest systems and typically weigh 1.1kg to 1.5kgs.

13 to 14 inches

Typically weighing under 1.8 kgs, these models provide the best of both worlds, portability and usability. 

15 to 16 inches

Slightly on the bigger side, this screen size is perfect if you don’t plan to carry your laptop everywhere. It typically weighs between 1.8 kgs to 2.4 kgs.

17 to 18 inches

If your laptop won’t leave the desk ever, this screen size is the best for workstation-like productivity and processing power. Keep in mind that these can be on the heavier side, making portability an issue.